Most Corrupt Politician Winners

Several weeks ago we asked readers to cast their votes to determine the most corrupt politicians in the high desert. We have received many votes in our comment section and by email.  We also received many comments about why the politician voted for were the most corrupt.  We will try to give a summary for each politician  that describes why they were voted for.  It seems the high desert is loaded with many “good” corrupt candidates.



Paul Russ – Hesperia

Paul Russ got the most votes by far as the most corrupt. He apparently had the most people that had information on him as well.  We received a lot of specific information. Here are some of the reasons given.

  • He lies to everyone.
  • He claims to be a capitalist but he only does deals with people who give him money.
  • Stops enforcement of marijuana rules for those that have donated money to him.
  • Changed zoning for someone who gave him money.
  • Took over $100,000 for his medical problems but never disclosed or gave an accounting of the money.
  • Taken thousands of dollars from Bill Postmus, a convicted felon.
  • Raised sewer and water fees for residents but cut in half fees for developers.
  • Uses his position at the city to get quick approval for projects of people who give him money.
  • Spent city money for personal gain.
  • He used the city engineer to do personal work for himself and those who gave him money.
  • Used his official position to get his daughter and wife a job.
  • Russ trying to close the Hesperia golf course because he could not get any money from the people who live there.
  • Was arrested for assaulting his first wife.
  • Russ purchased the loyal and robotic vote of Rebecca Swanson.
  • Was fired from multiple banking jobs.
  • Applied for and received disability many years ago for a medical condition he claimed was work related when it was not.
  • Was run out of Spring Valley Lake Association for unethical behavior and being a liar.
  • Russ was fired for having an extramarital affair with a subordinate during his short lived job at Burrtec trash company.



Rich Kerr Adelanto


Kerr is the mayor of Adelanto and seems to manage the city as well.  In most cities the mayor is just not a employed position but is intended to adopt policy while city operations are managed by staff and that is the way Adelanto supposed to be.  But Kerr has his hand in everything – both policy and operations. This is dangerous because while Kerr is a moron,  he is very conniving.  Here are some of the comments sent with votes.

  • Kerr ordered city employees fired.  This is against the law.
  • Kerr was raided by the FBI and charges will be coming soon.
  • Kerr took kickbacks for selling the city public works building.
  • He fabricated charges about the previous city manager.
  • He had the longtime city clerk fired.
  • He allowed and helped Jermaine Wright take city property.
  • He has no visible income from a job.
  • His campaign manager was Bill Postmus.
  • Kerr has stopped investigations into marijuana business that have donated to him.
  • Kerr directed and went with Adelanto code officers to visit marijuana growing location near Victorville that was competition to his protected Adelanto business. Problem was Kerr was out of his jurisdiction and illegally went on the property.



Blanca Gomez Victorville


Blanca Gomez has been running into one problem after another since being elected 2 years ago.  She claims to be college educated but she seems to be mentally challenged.  Many described her as angry and arrogant.  Here are the comments.

  • She was convicted of welfare fraud.
  • Gomez has been on welfare for over 10 years and continues to get it.
  • She has never held down a long term job.
  • She is rude to almost everyone.
  • Gomez is for open borders and is more loyal to Mexico than the USA.
  • She was arrested in Hesperia.
  • She lives part time in Hesperia with her boyfriend Anthony Rhoades and smokes a lot of marijuana with him.
  • She is often high at council meetings.
  • She is a barrier to city business being accomplished at council meetings.



Scott Nassif Apple Valley


Nassif has been in office longer than just about any other politician in the high desert.  He is known for being somewhat slow but well meaning.  It has been said his wife is who runs his business while he putters around.  As far as accomplishments they are hard to find.  The town has slid financially and we are no closer to owning a water system.  Many have said Nassif has steered money to his businesses from the town council and other boards he sits on for the town.  He has also benefited from the town paving a private road where he owns property.  Here are some of the reasons sent to us.

  • Nassif had town money used to change expensive plaques on the Yucca Loma bridge so that a new plaque could be installed listing him as Mayor.
  • He was a strong supporter of a top heavy town government that has helped cause a financial crisis.
  • He has directed the town not to release information on how much the Liberty suit has cost the town.
  • Nassif knows the town is close to bankruptcy but he is delaying any information until after the election.




Jim Cox Victorville




Jim Cox has been the dictator of Victorville for over 40 years.  He was the city manager for about 30 of those years before retiring and moving into politics.  Cox is a master manipulator with a very strong personality.  He keeps control by his force of will and keeping Gloria Garcia, Eric Negrette and Jim Kennedy’s votes under his absolute control.  Almost everything that has been done in Victorville over the past 40 years has Cox’s input.  This also means that Cox has caused much of the financial crisis Victorville is in.  Victorville has used just about every piece of property they own including the golf course as collateral to borrow money with bonds.  Victorville is in deep debt.

  • Cox made Metzler the new city manager even though Metzler cost the city many millions in law suits.
  • He is always at city hall doing favors for developers and businesses who have given him or his allies money.
  • He lives on the golf course so he makes sure the city spends lots of money on it so his house value will not fall.  This includes a 5 million dollar new club house.
  • Cox is basically the mayor because Garcia does whatever he says.
  • He is also apparently the city manager.  He is at city hall every day in his office making decisions Metzler should be making but Cox does it.
  • Defaulted on airport debt payments.

6 thoughts on “Most Corrupt Politician Winners

  1. Paul Russ attends meetings and events for a group my husband and I belong to. He is as gross and corrupt as they come and hubby and I agree- after a conversation with Paul, you feel the need to shower immediately. I hope my neighbors do the right thing and vote him out in November. Good job with the article.


  2. This is so right on. Paul Russ asked me for campaign money and left me with the impression if I did not my project in Hesperia might not get approved. I will not do business in Hesperia anymore because of Paul.


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